Great things to do in Budapest!

Bubbleball Best Bubbleball Budapest

Let’s try the most exciting and funniest way of football from 19,9 EUR/person/hour

Beerbike Best Beerbike Budapest

Come and take a beerbike tour in the downtown of Budapest from 19,9 EUR/person

Striptease Best Striptease bars in Budapest

Spend a few hours in the best striptease bar of Budapest

Bubble ball can be a great program for everyone who adores sports. Change your mind about football. In bubble ball there are no yellow or red cards, pushing the others is a must! Fouls and misconducts are possible.

We provide you a referee, visibility vests, football and a football field.

At the of the bubble ball match a bottle of a famous Hungarian beer and a slice of pizza will be waiting for you.

Bubbleball is available from 6 people!

Bubbleball 14.9 € / person

We provide:


visibility vests


football field

one round of beer

Transfer to the venue and back plus 10 Euro/ person


Beerbike is a very good program to discover the nicest places in the city center. This is a sporty way of drinking. During the beerbike tour, you can listen to your favorite music, chat with your friends and drink as much beer as you wish.

Our beerbike driver will take you to Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and Oktogon. You can start tunning up for the nightlife party while you are pedaling. You can decide if you’d prefer pedaling to having a rest on the bench at the end of the beerbike.

Beerbike is available from 6 people in a very friendly price: only 19.9 EUR/person with all you can drink option for an hour!

Meeting point is at the Hero’s square

Beerbike 19.9 € / person

We provide:

beer (20 liter), if you need more, please write four us

sober driver

music (you can conect your phone and listen your favourite songs)

2 hours beerbike tour

if you need other drinks please write us


If you want to have a look at on our women, famous for their beauty, do not hesitate to choose this program. You can spend 1,5 hours in a very exclusive striptease bar in the citycenter. A taxi will take you to the bar so you won’t be lost.

The girls will be as much as you are. You will have the all you can drink option!

Do not miss this program because this is a special part of the Hungarian nightlife in Budapest.

Striptease 34.9 €/person

We provide:

1,5 hours all you can drink (except premium drinks and champagnes)

Budapest hottest girls

free admission


Wine tasting in the city

Visit one of the most beautiful and most exclusive midtown vinotek in the heart of our beautiful Budapest. Taste the world famous hungarian wines in a unique atmosphere. Everybody wants to spend time in such a fabolous wine-vault like this.<6b>

Taste Hungary’s famous wines from 19.9 €/person.


Pretty tour guide


Tasting 3 kind of superior hungarian wine

Tasting 3 kind of superior hungarian Pálinka ( our national spirit)

Cheesy pogácsa ( hungarian wine biscuit)

You need to know:

Duration 1-2 hours

In the midtown



Topless waitress

Beautiful hostess

Wine tasting in the beautiful hungarian country side
( 54,9 euro / person )

Visit the world famous wine-growing region in Hungary. You won’t believe, that only 30 minutes from the city, and you are in the beautiful country side, in fresh air, and beautiful nature. Try out the delicious and flavoury hungarian wines in a familiar atmosphere. It would do you a world of good to let this unbelievable hungarian country feeling in. It’s the best time to take rest with the lads during a hard weekend.


Pretty tour guide


Tasting 7 kind of best quality superior hungarian wine

(hungarian sausage, 2 kind of superior salami, english bacon, paté, few kind of fantastic hungarian cheese, season vegetables, fresh bread)

Transfer to the venue and back

You need to know:

Duration 3-4 hours


The best handmade beers collected in a bouquet from 11.9 €/person

We don’t know what did you hear about hungarian beers, but once you try one, you will never want to try any other. There are hundreds of hungarian craft beers theese days. Most of the Hungarian craft lagers follow the Checz lines, commonly Pilsner-style (pale or blond lagers, with a tiny bitter taste), but we have nice Bock-style beers, too (dark or brown, using caramel mash for the colour and sweeter taste. Perfect activity before the perfect night in Budapest.

Most popular package (19,9 euros / person)


Pretty tour guide

10 different type of beer per person ( 0,35 pint/p)

blonde lager, unfiltered blonde, filtered pils, red IPA, unfiltered wheat, seasonal IPA on tap, double corn IPA, brown ale, brown porter, sourcherry ale, beer biscuits

V.I.P craft beer pub in the city central just for your service

Basic package (11,9 euros / person)


Pretty tour guide

5 different type of beer per person ( 0,35 pint/p)

blonde lager, red IPA, seasonal IPA on tap, brown ale, sourcherry ale, beer biscuits

V.I.P craft beer pub in the city central just for your service

You need to know:

Our pretty guide will help you to call cheap and safe taxis to the venue

Perfect activity before nightime

Duration: 2 hours

You also have chance to try 60 differennt hungarian craft beers at the place

There are other kind of drinks at beer bar, not just beers.


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