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What is special in these Ruin Pub Tours? What can you expect when you participate?

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Ruin pubs of Budapest (or as we, hungarians call it ’Romkocsmák’) have become very popular among party people in the last 9-10 years, among hungarians and also foreigners. Ruin pubs are basically pubs in the ground floor of formerly abandoned buildings, and gardens between old buildings in the beautiful center of Budapest, mainly in district VI and VII. These places have special kind of atmosphere as they seem to be like a little mix of time travelling back to the 70’s but also to the future as contemporary designers decorate them in a very unique way.

So if you choose to take a ruin pub tour with us, you certainly will not get disappointed. We will guide you to numerous, retro designed ruin pubs, where drinks are great but inexpensive, people are friendly. You can meet lots of young tourists and hungarians, chit-chat with them, and have a great social experience.

What kind of extra experience do you get if you choose our Ruin Pub Tour service?

If you decide to come with us to one of our ruin pub tours, you definitely won’t get bored. Our guides have real, firsthand experience of which ruin pubs you surely should not miss in Budapest, and they will lead you on all night. They are really passionate about you to have an unforgettable party in the capital of Hungary.


There is a onetime fee for our ruin pub tour (for only EUR10 if you book online), which includes all night accompaniment, free entry to the ruin pubs and bars and also a welcome drink in all of those places. You will have to pay the rest of your drinks, and also there is an entry fee to get to the club we would go after the ruin pub tour.

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